Short reviews and sundry

A good part of today is that this post was published. It means I am consistent. Something will be posted here, every Wednesday and alternate Mondays.

This is supposed to be a review post. I am going to try to give brief thoughts on a few things I have watched.

I saw the Hulu original series, Only Murders in the Building, starring Selena Gomez, Martin Short, and Steve Martin. It was a fun cozy mystery, with a clever cliffhanger. It ensured that we audiences would want a second season.

The next series I watched till the end was Titans on HBOMax. I have never done a deep dive on the show, like read articles about what the showrunner, directors, or writers have to say about the show. I will say they take a lot of potential and do things I didn’t expect. The paths they are taking with the characters and their story arcs are interesting. I used to be more upset because I have since changed my mind on the subject. DC corporate gives the okay to everything the Titans creators put in the stream. The actors do what is in the script. Why am I cringing about someone else’s intellectual property, when I have IP and characters of my own?

The books I’ve read are Vows in Name Only and Secrets of a One Night Stand: A pregnant by the billionaire romance both books are by Naima Simone. The books are from Harlequin and part of the Billionaires of Boston Series. Book 3 is titled the Perfect Fake Date, it will be released at the end of December. When I started to have trouble with the romance story that I am writing. I watched some YT videos on writing. I took a few classes on writing romance offered on Skillshare. Then I started to read or listen to contemporary romances. They have helped me put my work in perspective. There are some things in the manuscript I need to clarify and some things will have to be changed in the revisions. Overall it was a good thing that I took time to read these books and listen to others.

Those are some of the things I have been watching or reading. In the future, I will write about some brief thoughts on some anime and K-dramas. I hope the week has been good so far and continued to get better.


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