Steps for Improvement

This is a place holder for Wednesdays. In the past, I have written that either a review or an essay would be posted today. I failed to incorporate this plan into a writing schedule and then found myself scrambling on Tuesday night. That became exhausting and I quit. Self-sabotage at its best. I haven’t written much about the plans because I find ways to mess myself up. The end results are supposed to be an improved JC Henry Universe for 2022.

Several years ago, I tried to customize a system to help me be achieve the goals, I set for myself. I called it the most original title, the 100-days project. It had a reasonable time limit but lacked accountability and consistent motivation. I treated the projects like a New Year’s resolution. I tried many times to fix the 100days projects. Making a blog for it and inviting people I knew to join me, no one did. I tried to keep up with the projects for about two years. But then it fizzled.

In August out of curiosity, I looked up how many days until the end of the year. It was a little over 100 days. I thought of the failed lifestyle system. I also realized that I haven’t written a book review in several months. I was irritated that I didn’t do the things I wrote in many posts. I know I wrote about productivity, creativity, inspiration etc. I did research on time management and still fell short of managing my time effectively. This is the point where I would type this great new method or idea. Full disclosure I don’t have one. I heard about and read good things about author Sarra Canon’s HB90 method. It is a course to help writers or any other creative make time to do the things they need to do for success. Ms. Canon is not the first author, who recommended chopping up the year into quarters, similar to what businesses do. She only one I heard of that has it specifically for writers. However I don’t have the money in my budget for the course, which is a shame because I believe it is reasonable, so I have to customize something for myself and it feels like the 100-days project in spirit. Those are the steps, the picture is a pun, for me to keep writing and improve the website. I apologize if this entry is confusing. The method is new and not a habit yet. The places holders are for me as well as you all. I will be working on my creative non-fiction and general fiction.

The takeaway from this rambling is that persistence can get you what you want. As long as it does not hurt anyone I encourage us all to be determined. Remember the ancient proverb, fall nine times, get up ten.


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