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This entry might be messy. One of my many goals for this website is to be consistent. This is an off-update week. I thought I would be posting some kind of fiction up here. Instead I am writing another short essay on what I am not doing. As a rule, there are no real viable excuses. I just didn’t plan, and time caught up with me.

Consider this an informal update of sorts again. It is the second full week in October. I am in Hollywood Florida. This is why the picture on the right. I travelled with my sister, cousin, and friend to Florida to celebrate the Miami Caribbean Carnival. They played mas. I enjoyed the Air B&B house. It has a heated pool and Jacuzzi. Also, the Florida weather is a little better than New York City weather in October. Florida doesn’t have the best reputation right now. I am being as careful as I can be. I am also more worried about flying. It is not full-fledge aerophobia, but I do prefer to sleep through the flight. It is a little more difficult, since I have different health concerns now.

The Carnival event was over the weekend, and I will be leaving later on in the week. Despite the fear I will be persevering and be on the plane.

I have a bad habit of posting essays on this blog and not looking back. I make a hard copy and keep digital copy in the cloud but unless I feel completely blocked, I don’t look at what I wrote the week before. That kind of active self-sabotage ends today. It is true that many writers have difficulty reading what they have previously written but decent maintenance of this website requires me to know what I posted before. Also, this isn’t fiction, majority of these posts are about things I plan to do. To keep it from sounding repetitious and boring. I have to read and seriously analyze what I am doing with this website. For this month and the two following along with holiday wishes and all that jazz. I am preparing for the new year.

The goal for 2022 is to improve this website. There are so many threads that I am putting out I might forget about one or two. I encourage any interested readers to leave a comment, like and subscribe. Blogs work the same as YouTube videos and podcasts.

That is all for now, there will be more on the official update on October 18th. Until then I hope for everyone it is a productive week full of opportunity and kindness.


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