Monday plans

You may have noticed that the title for this post is different from previous posts on Mondays. Don’t think of this as an update although some news for the blog will be in here. Think of it as a place holder. I have decided to make the updates bi-weekly, but I don’t want this day to go w/o a post. I am constantly looking up ways to authentically improve this blog. Not every idea mentioned is used or effective. One of my many struggles is keeping up with the posting schedule I made for myself. It felt like an epiphany when I realized all the ways I was self-sabotaging myself. It is fortunate that I could find ways to tackle that issue. They don’t always work but when they do the feeling is amazing. I sigh with relief. I am being the writer; I tell everyone I am.

I like many listen to podcasts. It is a safe bet to state that I have a growing To-Be-Listened list (TBL) as well as a TBR, which means To-Be-Read for those who don’t know. Now that I am thinking about it, there is a TBL for podcasts and a TBL for audiobooks. That is something I have to get back to. The point of this paragraph is that podcasts feel like the new blogs. YouTube had its 15 minutes but once 2020 became the pandemic year and everyone was stuck in their homes. I feel like there was a podcasts explosion. Making it near impossible to be seen in the vast sea of the internet. There is now a wide range of podcasts out there and there is a bajillion on writing. I have been considering a podcast for at least five years. However, I need to be an establish author first. The upturned red mushroom is an homage to the podcast title I want to use.

Podcasting has become easier, recording app on your phone and laptop etc. WordPress even offers a plug-in or affiliation with Anchor. The podcasting platform that is free and accessible to everyone. Every time I hear an Anchor commercial for a podcaster, I feel tempted. I have an account with Anchor already. I have a decent set up, if 2020 had gone differently I could’ve been telling you about an upcoming podcast. With a deep, deep sigh, I am trying to let go of the regrets of what 2020 could have been. It is going to be difficult b/c it burned its way in the brain of everyone. Thinking about the next 3 months, I am amazed that it took most of 2021 for me to understand 2020. Before I go into another major project, I need to fix this blog/website to my satisfaction. I want at least a book, a novella and a couple of short stories to have the name J.C. Henry and out in the world. Podcast dreams are on hold for the next 2 or 3 years. I will do an interview and guest host if anyone is interested.

In the future, the goal is to post something entertaining on Mondays when they are not update Mondays. I am seriously not sure what it will look like. I just don’t want it to be a vanity post. I have a plan and for the next three months it will be in the works. I hope that made sense. There are times when I don’t know what I am doing and it seems like throwing things on this blog to see what sticks is the only thing that can be done. I am no longer of that mindset. I am up for trying new things but reasons for putting them up with be more concrete.

I hope you all have a good week, full of possibilities and opportunities.


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