Updates September 20- October 01


Thank you for the likes and follows.  

The last three weeks have been problematic for me.  There were promises I made to this blog that I was not able to keep.  I blame myself and acknowledge that I would do better.  Then promptly get trapped in parts of my life that have nothing to do with writing  or this blog.  Time would pass and I would find myself unprepared for whatever I planned for the blog.  Confirming again to myself that the JC Henry Universe is nothing but chaos. It was frustrating and it made me an unreliable blogger.  I understand that blogs are not as popular as they use to be, vlogs, Tik Tok and podcasts have taken a good part of the audience.  However, I still believe in them, and I want this one to be a success. That is my goal for the future.

On the day this post will be live it will be 102 days until the end of the year. I’m sure more competent content creators already know what they are doing for that time. I have an idea what I want but they are too vague to be typed out here. I kept getting stuck in the story I wanted to write. So, I had to stop and reflect on what I’m doing and why I am doing it like that. I have come up with different methods. I have mentioned this before instead of a weekly update, it will be biweekly from now on. I am not sure how it will be, but I have about 100 days to figure it out.

October is coming up and for people who are artist, they may participate in Inktober. It is a drawing challenge for those who wish to enter. The artist will draw a picture for the 31 days of October. The official site offers prompts, but I don’t think it is something set in stone. You can post your results daily with the Inktober hashtag. It was started by an artist and has a little bit of controversy attached to it. I don’t know much about it. I have seen some YouTube videos with artist that are for it and some with artist against it. I live the choice up to those who want to hone their skills.

For those who are more literary, October is also Preptober. The month before November which is National Novel Writing Month. Many who choose to participate in that event/challenge will be preparing for it. By making plans for the months and possibly developing characters, ideas etc. I will be writing for Nanowrimo. I have some prep notes already, but nothing is set in stone.

Some might remember I have two major writing projects in the works. With a deep sigh in the next two weeks if nothing changes with them. I will mostly likely put them aside or chuck the words and start again Nanowrimo. I wrote the first 15000 without any prep. Think what could happen with decent prep time. I have been thinking about these things most of last week.

Another facet of my complicated life is time management. I find that I am utilizing my time to be most effective, and it has been bothering forever. I have been looking into methods that will help. It is how I realized that there is 100 days more or less till the end of the year. Some business types call this time the end of the fiscal year or the beginning of the next. I am doing research to make writing a creative and effective business. I never planned for writing to be my only job but I was given these lemons.

Writing goals are to get better organized, write decent and coherent summaries of Star Crossed and Verona, complete and write a review on the current book I am listening to.

I look forward to the next update in two weeks. Until then let us all try to be kind to each other.


5 thoughts on “Updates September 20- October 01

    1. Hello,
      Thank you for the like and follow. I visited your site and I think I followed you back. Verona is the working title of a speculative story. Not sure if this will annoy you, but it is set in the aftermath of the double suicides of Romeo and Juliet. The Prince has had enough and forces the families to unite or be kicked out of the city wholesale. An outcast Capulet niece and a loyal Montague nephew are brought into the chaos. Meanwhile, other families are plotting against both the Capulets and Montagues. Despite all of this my main characters, significantly older than the previous couple fall in love because I’m a romantic. The story is speculative because alchemy is involved. I called it Verona because I wanted to the story to be more than just about the two families but the whole city.


      1. I think this sequel to Romea and Juliet would have intrigued Shakespeare too! You had a really good idea to write a sequel, which I hope has a happy ending 😁


      2. I think this sequel to Romeo and Juliet would have intrigued Shakespeare too! You had a really good idea to write a sequel, which I hope has a happy ending 😁


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