Updates August 08- September 03


Thank you for the likes and follows.

These last few weeks felt like I went off the rails a bit… again. It has been happening for a while now and I have been doing various things to keep working but nothing felt exactly right. Frustration set in and had me losing focus and ideas that make these updates worth it.  I had to take a break or bust. 

In the meantime, I got caught on podcasts, writings on videos on YouTube, and the next Marvel show on Disney+.

In one of the podcasts by a successful author, she mentioned someone said that podcasts like hers were rant broadcast. She disagreed and I agree with her.  In the podcast, this author talks about her progress on her writing projects. She brings up methods that have worked for her in writing and she also speaks on the ones that don’t work. She shows us, the audience, that producing a book is not an easy thing. It is not just putting your butt in chair and typing. There are hurdles to jump, smooth sailing and then word counts. We also learn new ways to tackle the stories in us if we have them. Recommendations of books by other authors, films and shows. We get a glimpse of what is under the iceberg of success.

I wanted these updates to be similar.  These updates are to show anyone interested where this writer is on the author journey.  I would also like to add, encouragement and empathy for anyone who is struggling on any creative journey. 

This week’s plans are a little more ambitious than before. The word count goal for the week is 10k. The writing projects are Star Crossed a contemporary romance and Verona, fantasy romance. I have mentioned Star Crossed before. Verona is not a new story, it was my 2016/2017 Nanowrimo project. There is a short story outline that in also in the works and research. I will be posting a new reading list on Wednesday, September 1st. If most things go well there will be a review the following Wednesday, September 8th. I hope this week is goes well for everyone, remember kindness is key.


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