Updates July 04-09



Thank you for the likes and follows.   Also, Happy July 4th

I am drinking a margarita, eating jerk chicken or beef kebobs, and Mediterranean salad and thinking this is 100% American.  We barbecued and it was worth it.  We met up with family and we had fun.

Congratulations to everyone who are participating in Camp NaNoWriMo. I will not be participating in this event this month. However I will be cheerleading for everyone who is taking up this month challenge. I have supported by getting a water bottle and pin and in April I got a travel mug. This month for July I will be getting a T-shirt.

This is going to be a shorter entry than usual because of the holiday. I am working on making a Wednesday entry. It may not happen this week but soon I will be posting something for writers for inspirations and fun.

I have read a book series I plan to discuss at a later date. I have watched the New York Times visual investigation of January 6th and OMG. There is should be so many people held accountable for the lack defense. I have never felt for the police like I did on that day of the attack on January 6th. Puts this day July 4th in a different perspective, this could be our last one. Sorry for the downer mood. I will do better next week.

This week the writer’s goals are the same. The reader goals are a little different. I hope we all make it through this week better than we were before.


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