Updates June 06-11


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Thank you for the likes and follows.

Last week moved faster than imagined. I decided to use the Skillshare account I’ve been paying for months. Skillshare is promoted by various YouTube creators, some have even had classes up. I may have written about this last year. The service offers a wide of classes, of course I went for the writing courses. The two most recent were in science fiction and fantasy. I thought the lectures would be similar but they were distinct enough for me to learn something. I know my next writing project will be in speculative fiction. That is the other genre I love. The importance of the class will show up later.

There is no good writing news. I wrote less than 5000 words. Which is annoying since the overall goal is 8000 words. I need to evaluate my word count goals, a pay attention to what I am writing daily. I don’t believe I’m blocked. I think it is frustration of getting close to a flow state and missing it. Many authors suggest not to wait for the muse or inspiration. The practice or habit of writing will work better for us than anything else. I agree 85% ,15% is for the muse or inspiration that feels amazing.

There is also no reading news. The only goal for this week concerning reading is to finish what I have started. I will continue with the goal of 8000 words this week. I don’t have much else to type about it.

I hope this week finds you content. Be kind to one another.


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