Updates May 31- June 04


Thank you for the likes and the follows. 

The last two weeks I was kind of out of it. I have only been reaching about 1/3 of the goals set.  I wonder am I being over ambitious.  What am I doing wrong?  I still haven’t figured it out yet.  I will persevere and continue to work on.    With the help of two create-along or write along on Twitch with friends, I was able to write my characters out of the uber they were sitting in for about two months.    Also, I know these updates are horrible in structure. Have I been really updating anyone on my writing progress?   My plan is to get better at them.  I think when I make statements like this, my worst enemy is activated and works to self-sabotage my creative drive.  The only positive thing about these brief notes is consistency.  Sometimes I am not inclined to write on Sunday to post on Monday.  At the same time, I need to form a habit.    I can’t say when it will happen, but I don’t think I can maintain a weekly update.  I might have to change it up a bit.  The changes may be in August or September.  I have to figure out what I am doing and what exactly am I giving and getting from this site.  These are the thoughts going in my head concerning the JC Henry Universe. 

In Reading news, I am stuck on the nonfiction.  It means Guns, Germs and Steel has not been completed.  Then because I have low impulse control, I started to listen to another, nonfiction book Sex, Race, and Robots:  How to be Human in the Age of AI by Dr. Ayanna Howard and narrated by Amandla Stenberg.    Both books are fascinating in different ways, one is about the past, and one is about the future and our places in it.   The narrators are good.  Not sure if it was mentioned before, I often listened to audiobooks during my commutes and workday.  I am confined to my house and at one point I thought I would just be blazing through my books – audio, digital and physical.  This was before I realized I might have a slight YouTube addiction.  I am not endorsing or condemning what I have done.  I noticed how time consuming it could be.  It wouldn’t be a problem if all the information gathered was useless however I have learned things from YT that is useful for my over well-being and writing.   That will mostly likely be another thing I have to monitor and seriously deal with. 

I have listened to three fiction books, Audible recommended author Layla Hagen to me, her completed series is called Very Irresistible Bachelors.  They are interesting pieces of escapism.  The book universe is based in New York City. It is a different NYC than I know.  Which is fun.  The two books I have listened to are You’re the One and Just One Kiss.   The other fiction audio that I was reading was My Twisted Fate by Piper Rayne.  This is the prequel to the Greene Family series.  I also read the short novellas by Piper Rayne, about the Baileys, Operation: Weddings, Babies and Birthdays.  It concluded the series with the grandmother’s 90th birthday.  But also hinted on the continued romance that might connect the Greene and Bailey Families in Alaska.

These books tend to be easier to get through because I don’t think to much on them.  I like the seamless beginning middle and end.  Non-Fiction books are not that simple.  They have ramifications that are not always obvious but always there. 

This week’s goals are the same of last week.  I will write 8000 words.  I will be working on the romance novel Star Crossed.  I will be doing research on how to make this website more useful to everyone and post quotes, encouraging being creative, healthy, and content with your life.   I am praying that we all have a positive and safe week. 


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