Updates May 23-28


Thank you for the likes and follows. 

Last week was normal.  I wrote about 5000 words not the goal but very well done.  I did not meet up with the two writing groups that I usually attend online.  I like to think I was sorely missed.  My absence was due to a mid-week barbecue.  The good weather encourages outside activity and lead to the weekend.  It was my cousin’s birthday.  We celebrated and had a good time. 

Starting tomorrow I will be looking at three short stories at various stages of development.   I am planning to submit at least two of them to a writing contest or magazine.  A new scene in the romance has begun, the male lead and female lead have finally separated. It is sad to admit that I had them in the back of an uber for 3 months.   My butt goes numb in two hours.   It was unfair to them.  It is a relief that the story and the characters’ lives have continued. 

I have not yet finished Guns, Germs and Steel by Jared Diamond.  But I have finished listening to a Pho Story by Loan le and Rent a Boyfriend by Gloria Chao.  Since I have spoken about it for many times.  The next time I write about Gun, Germs and Steel it will be to say that is complete. 

This week’s goals are about the same – 8000 words, a choice of short stories and reading books that are on the list.  It is way past time.   

In closing, the plans for the week are full. I hope you all have a safe and content week. 


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