Updates May 03-07

Happy Birthday Sis!

She is also a teacher. Google is telling me it is Teacher Appreciation Week. Thank you Teachers for doing the work you do.

I am feeling in the doldrums this week. I learned that it is a nautical term not a weather term. It means to be caught in on windless waters. It tends to happen near the equator. Is it possible I feel like this because I am in the middle of my book. Normally I write my way out of this feeling. This update is done on Sunday but if noting the date. You will see that this post is started on Monday. The weekend was lackluster despite achieving most of writing task for the week.

Writing is my primary goal most of the time. However I understand that to be a content person with a positive outlook on life, I need to incorporate other things in life. Health, well-being, environment are all key factors in being a better person. It is a challenge to maintain positive life goals and writing goals, for me they tend to clash. This week I will be looking into learning how to balance these situations.

The reading list have not been conquered and since I’ve written about it. I need to make some headway. There are some animations I would like to discuss and of course the streaming movies or shows that are catching the eye of some reviewers. Let’s hope I pull myself up by my bootstraps.

Thank you for the likes and followers. I do see them and appreciate it. I hope for all of us this week goes well.


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