Updates April 18-23

Hello everyone,

Thank you for the likes and follows.  Last week went faster than I thought.  Productivity with writing was so-so.  A plan for April was to try to keep up with Camp NaNoWriMo, even though I am not participating in the event. I feel like I am falling behind.  However, I choose not to ruminate on mistakes. 

This week looks promising but doesn’t feel that way.   I am hoping that this feeling will change, and I am working towards a better mindset.  One of the methods is getting this entry posted.   The other method I use is to go through the collection of positive quotes and affirmations.  This mood will soon pass and moving forward to accomplish the weekly goals, which are:

1. Complete two or more books on the reading list.

2. Write a review and post it on Wednesday.

3. Reorganize my environment, things have been getting out of hand.

4.  8,000 new words for this week.

5.  Look for an efficient way to keep a daily word count.  

Many of these goals are re-occurring.   I am sure they have been written before in other words.  Posting the goal list, will mean there will be something to write about next week.  I will try to talk about something more positive but it has been difficult since last week.

In closing, I hope this short post reaches everyone and encourages all to reach their goals whatever they are with exception of things illegal. Let us all try to be kind to one another.


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