Updates April 11-16

Hello Everyone,

Thank you for the likes and follows. I appreciate them.

Last week, was an interesting but not productive. I noticed it because it had nothing to do with motivation. It was lack of time and opportunity. The best writing advice is to guard your writing time because life will also find ways to interfere. I used to be able to do all sorts of things, on four hours of sleep. Sometimes I forget that I am not the same person I was before. With this epiphany I moved on, glad of the things that I did get accomplished like the weekly quotes for writers, this update and short essays. Book reviews will take a bit more time.  I have trouble writing a review, spoiler free.  There should be enough information to make, the book worth reading.  This week will be trying to find the balance.

Recently I saw my blog on a phone screen.  Most of the posts were fine.  However, some quotes for writers were off.  The picture overshadowed the words.  That was not my intention. The picture and the words should have equal footing in the post.  I was upset for moment and then I decided to think of this as a learning experience.  The post that could be fixed were.  Thanks again for the likes and follows despite the sometimes off picture. 

Another thing I would like to highlight is Vlog Everyday in April or VEDA.  It is a month event similar to Camp Nanowrimo but instead of writing every day, the creators are producing and posting videos.  I am not sure when event started.  I just know that various video content creators, mostly on YouTube, participate.   There are people who do this all the time year-round.  It is part of their setup.  They plan for it and reach their goals.  For others this event will be taxing but worth it once they are able to accomplish it.  The whole experience is a revelation for the creator and their audience.  Congratulations to anyone who is participating in this event. 

In conclusion, the hope is that this week is more productive than last week.  The goals set are accomplished.  Complete the books on the reading list.  I am hoping and praying that anyone reading this is doing well.  We can be kind to each other, whenever possible and in the words of someone with more influence than me, it is always possible.


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