Updates March 21 -26

It is possible that this entry should really be called outlook. I suck at titles. This is something that bugs me from time to time. Eventually it will get better with time. I hope this week opens with us in a positive mindset. Last week was difficult for many people. It was okay for me. I’m praying for those who were not that fortunate.

Over the weekend, I watched the Falcon and the Winter Soldier on Disney+. It is completely different from WandaVision. More like the MCU movies we are used to. I like to think of it as a new comic book. In the same universe with similar themes but told from a different perspective. They introduced new side characters, expanded the lives of the main characters, and put a light on an underlying issue. It is only the first episode, and everyone was just established. The action scenes are lovely to watch, however what will be the story and The Falcon and The Winter Soldier has started off well.

I also watched the highly anticipated Zack Snyder’s Justice League. Better reviewers and pop culture analyst who can explain in depth the meanings and implications of certain scenes and the movie overall. For me I don’t feel like I wasted four hours of my life. I’m glad I watched this film at home. There are things I liked the story felt connected to everything that had happened before and dialogue was believable. I had to watch Justice League 2017 to compare. It had more problems than Henry Cavil’s CGI’d face. However, I liked the lighting and coloring throughout the whole movie except for the big fight at the Nuclear town. I even liked the Steppenwolf design in comparison to Snyder’s Steppenwolf. Snyder’s Steppenwolf was more menacing and had a better goals and motivations. But he also looked more like his boss. Darkseid is gray and so is Steppenwolf.

For the Justice League team, Zack Snyder’s film added more feelings and explained characters’ motivations effectively. Characters who did not have a movie despite what was promised were given a reason to be part of the team. A raison d’etre is the actual term. The first movie was surface and there is nothing wrong with that. The second movie felt in depth and runtime was a factor.

Intense fans will say this is the movie we should’ve had all along. I don’t agree. This is the movie we got because time has allowed it. We are more accepting of it because we have all come to terms with what was done before. Some of us have changed or created new fandoms. Some of us have moved on to more important aspects of life than entertainment. We are all in different mindsets and places. Personally 2013 feels more than a decade ago, than the technical eight years.

As stated in last week’s update, I made a reading list. It has been broken up into three categories, fiction, non-fiction, and comics/graphic novels. Each category has over ten items, the fiction has up to 30. The goal is to complete all in the next 3 months. Select a few to review and feel accomplished. This goal seems odd to me because I have never thought about how I read. I had this problem for a long time. I recognized it and attempted to solve it. But those methods didn’t work. This might also be another method to improve myself by reading. The list will be posted on Wednesday.

It may have been implied before, but I will type it here. I’m stuck on Star Crossed. I don’t know how to unstick myself and I don’t want to skip and come back later to the issue. I want to fix a scene because if I don’t do it here, the problem will come up again, possibly in another scene. I’m scanning my sources for suggestions and anyone reading this is free to comment. I’m giving myself this week to find a method to unstick and then I will move on. I know there will be time to revise, however I feel the problem is fundamental. Success or failure will be revealed next week, I guess.

In conclusion I hope everyone reading this entry is entertained and inspired. This week is full of opportunity and possibility. I hope we all find what we need and be kind with each other.


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