Eat to Live or Live to Eat


The History of Food is a short documentary series on Curiosity Stream. Directed and Written by Sarah Burns and Alex Sherratt. Produced by Roller Coaster Road (2018). Narrated by Tony Ricketts.

It is five short information filled episodes about the history of food. Honestly, I didn’t think much of the documentary. During lunch, I watch anything to help me pass time. I thought it would be brief, the presenters would spout some facts and I would move on with my time after eating. I do see some irony in what I did. The good thing is that I did learn. Each episode focused on steps that made nutrition more effective and human development and civilization successful.  The importance of fire, grains and salt are few foundational items that feed us and keep us healthy. The dialogue was not judgmental, all diets have their pros and cons.   

 Things that I found interesting were the investigations of how groups like hunter-gatherers eat.  Their diet that is completely different from the modern diet.  Chefs who were producing wonderful artistic food.  They spoke about the various methods of preserving food.  Interviewing chefs, scientists, and historians.  They spoke about seed vaults in case of an apocalyptic event.   Producing food in the future was the final episode.  They travelled all over the world.   It was a nice experience and shocking.

I recommend this documentary to everyone.  I think it also streams on Amazon.  It makes us ask questions about the purpose of what we eat.   How we acquire the food we eat?  Why it is important to understand food and its history.  With this knowledge we are able to make better food choices in the future for ourselves. 


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