Updates & Further thoughts

First thank you for the likes and welcome followers new and old. I really appreciate it.  

Last week I made some announcements on how I was going to manage this website.  I didn’t want to call it a plan, because I tend to psychologically run from plans, like my pants is on fire.  Even when I make posts like this and the previous one.  They are done for accountability.  I have yet to come up with consequences.  Rewards for no work is no likes or following.  Over the last couple of weeks of watching content creators and writers force to apologize or retract their words on threat of being dragged through the internet, I am fine with the few who notice me.  And then like the moody writer I am, I’m not.  Why isn’t anyone seeing my genius?  Full disclosure I am not a genius.  I am just an average person with some skill attempting to make it better.  Procrastination fueled by fear has been my biggest hinderance in just taking the leap.

A quote from Nelson Mandela said, “It always seems impossible until it’s done.”    

I am taking those words to break through my doubt.  I wrote that I was thinking about putting out a reading list. I thought it would be an easy post, on Monday.  Something to make me feel like I am keeping up with my commitments.  Then I thought, what will this list say about me?  Will audiences like or dislike the list?  Do I want my list to say something about me?  I feel deep into an avoidance spiral.  With more questions like, are the books on the list going to be reviewed and posted later? Is there a time limit?  Why am I thinking like this?  How exactly did I make this simple post impossible? 

What follows is an understanding with myself.  This post will not be the reading list mentioned previously.  This post is just the random stuff going through a writer’s mind when she is attempting to make herself look productive.   This post will probably not make sense.  I understand that some people are annoyed and tired of “writers” complaining about not writing.  I don’t think this post is about that essentially.  It is though a fringe issue at the time. 

The reading list will be posted after some curating, estimation next week Monday.  The list has two functions, accountability and fun.  It will be ten items; some books will be on audio and the time limit is two weeks.  Most of the books will be books I already own.   I have over 3,000+ digitals books.  I’ve been a member of audible since 2011. My physical booklist is under 50 but it is growing again.  So yeah, something like a simple as a reading list will take some thought.  When I’m not thinking about this list, I will be writing on the Star Crossed the working title of my romance novel started last year November.  The post for this Wednesday March 17th will be a review. I can’t write anymore because not sure of all the details. 

I am hoping that this week is productive and safe for everyone.  I know that is not likely but that is what I am working towards for myself  and I encourages others to do so as well. 


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