Essay #012

I’ve been having difficulty writing for this blog.  My attempts to motivate myself to produce – insightful, inspirational words have not been impressive.  Authors who offer writing advice will tell us to keep writing.  You will find your niche and your market/audience will eventually come.  I have done this and still feel like I’m rowing a boat with broken oars. 

This year I wanted to be in a place different than I was last year.  I am still not over last year.   The quotes that are posted have become an important nudge towards a different mindset.  The words of writers, musicians, artistes, celebrities of every medium, politicians, public speakers, and activists.  People who at one time or many times doubted their abilities but continued for the benefit of us all. 

With these thoughts in mind, I am going to keep the promises I’ve made to this blog.  It is possible these words were written in a different way, on this blog or the past blog accounts.  

Not sure if I made any grand announcements in January and yes, I’m a little to lazy to look it up.  This blog was turned into a website, in late in that month.   The goals are to post regularly on various topics of interest, raise viewership and get likes.  So please any constructive commentary will be helpful.  In the past, I’ve been over ambitious, and it just has not worked out.  The adjustment is an essay or review once a week on Wednesday for the next month.  If this can be maintained I may add on something else.  I have always wanted to start a short story series on this blog.  Short story writing is another suggestion established authors have offered to help writers become authors.  Look forward to May. 

Quick updates or plans. The romance story is still in process.  I think I’ve made some mistakes, but I will look them over when manuscript is complete.   It looks like the Nanowrimo algorithm was right about me.  It is a little distressing to realize an awful truth about one’s work habit. 

The quotes posted this month are all by women in honor of Women’s history month.  In future I will try to post with the world’s history in mind.  I have mentioned this before that planning is sometimes a problem for me.   There is probably something smarter to write about that subject, but I just can’t. 

In the future there might be a reading list.  I doubt it will be anything new because my TBR is huge. I will write about why it is on the list for the week, note if it is on an audiobook or not.

In conclusion, this blog is now a website. I hope the middle of the week is not bad for anyone. Please remember to be safe and be kind.


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