Essay #011

Happy New Year to all!  I don’t think I posted this annual greeting.  I was ready for 2020 to be over and apprehensive about what the 2021 will bring.  The past weeks have left me speechless. Everyone has spoken about it, so I am not delving deeper. 

Every writer has heard this phrase, “Write what you know”.   It’s meaning has been misunderstood many times.  Except for this entry.  The only thing I really know is myself with 90% accuracy.  I’ve leaving 10% for self-delusional lies or new self-revelations.

I also know this blog, the JC Henry Universe, with a little less accuracy than I know myself.  But don’t worry, I’m watching the WordPress tutorials.

I am writing this essay for accountability and just to post.  My last essay was in December and there is supposed to be more in this universe besides motivating creative quotes. 

I’ve watched various YouTube videos and listened to podcast about writing plans for the New Year.  My goals have not really changed from last year, they are complete a novel, write 2 or 3 short stories a month, and write essays and reviews for this blog.  Due to personal reasons, I was not as prolific as I would have wanted to be the end of the month.  I remember writing in a previous that I would prove Nanowrimo wrong.  That did not happen. In fact, Nanowrimo may know more about more about me than I thought, 10% more.   However, I am still working on this romance.  It is not at a place where I can write about it, again.  Because I am doing some changes to this blog and its content.  The quotes will not be going away because they benefit me and you.  I like to share good thoughts, even when they are not my own.  There will be content I’ll keep and things I will stop. I may even change the format of these essays, not sure yet about everything just an idea.   Taking some advice from an author I know; I will be breaking up the year into 4 quarters.  We are in the first quarter, almost in the middle, these renovations will be occurring for the next two months.  By second quarter, I should have a flow going. 

These are the plans.  I don’t know if I will give myself consequences for procrastination.  What I won’t do is give up on this blog.  So thank you to those who click the like button on the content and to those who click to follow.  Stay tuned.  


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