Essay #010

It is beginning to look like the end of the year. Many posts are going to be about deep reflection. We are going to be reminded many times about how shitty 2020 has been. Finding the good bits for this year is going to be tough. We will read articles and watch videos on the uncertainty and new hope of 2021.  We are going to try to be helpful, optimistic and positive.  Despite all the horrible things that are happening around us.  We will appreciate others and be kind to best of our ability.  We will talk about resolutions and make plans for 2021.  We will  exude hopefullness and believe that it will be enough to bury the negativity and uncertainty.  Be grateful and look for the good things in this life.  It is the only way to live. 

For many years I didn’t make plans.  Life was a day to day battle some times I won, most times I failed miserably.  Making plans was a useless activity that could easily be unraveled.  About two years ago, I decided to update my life and make plans.  Not all went well but I was in the process.  Then I got sick and yes it was the corona virus.  I was hospitalized for almost 3 months.  All my plans burnt up with my fever.  I almost died.  I am still in recovery but out of the hospital.  My family and our friends prayed for my health and of course others.  I prayed as well.  I am very grateful.  It has taken me five months to start thinking about making plans again.    And I am still plagued with uncertainty.  However, I have decided to be kind, optimistic and grateful.   These days it is the only way to live.   This may be the only essay for this month.  I hope it was insightful, entertaining and inspirational. 


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