Sunday Post #8

It is almost the end of November.  I will announce it here, I will not win Nanowrimo this year.  But I will finish the first draft of the romance novel Star Crossed.  It has nothing to do with aliens.  I have written more words on this story than I ever have on any other story during Nanowrimo.  I am very pleased.  Some people may feel upset that they did not reach the aspired goal.  I encourage you to not feel this way. It may be difficult, and you may need some time to adjust, continue with your story.  The Nanowrimo website told at the rate I was writing this story; I won’t be done until the last week of February.  My 100% goal for December is to finish this first draft before 2021.  Next year there is Camp Nano to remember and another November. If your story is worth it to you continue if not start a new story or pick up on one you left on wayside.  There is no hard and fast rule that says once a nano loser always.   The people at Nanowrimo are always encouraging and friendly.  They don’t close your account.  I like to think my little bit of effort helped somewhere in the overall goal. 

I like to feel that my story is important because I am the one telling it.  I believe that other stories are important because the creators are making it happen. 

With this mindset, congratulations to everyone who won 2020.  This year has been rough. 

For people like me, it is only 11/29 you have time.  Go Writers Go!


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