Essay #009

Dreaming in public is an important part of our job description – William Gibson

Almost the end of week 2 of National Novel Writing Month (Nanowrimo) words fail me.  The love is gone from my romance.  I have a synopsis and a brief outline, but I was never really satisfied with them.   It is possible that they were rushed. The results have this writer asking herself, am I making it worse for my story?  Am I destined to fail another Nanowrimo?  Despite my low word count and possible writers block, it is still too early to tell.  I don’t feel or want to give up.  I just cannot find the words to describe the actions in a scene.   This is a first draft, and it is well known that there is no perfect first draft.   This writing is supposed to be revised into the perfect jewel that will be the book.  There are key scenes I want to write that should be in every romance.  I am using the suggestions made in the podcast, Fiction Writing Made Easy, by Savannah Gilbo.  These suggestions may not work for everyone, but I think they are good start for most of us.  Ms. Gilbo talks about all kinds of fiction not just romance specifically. 

The method being used to fix for this writing issue is to write something else.  Wednesday was a busy day for me and when I finally got to my laptop and hard copy to continue the NaNoWriMo journey.  I was stumped.   Words that made a cohesive narrative failed to come together.  It felt like you started out playing with pretty colors and then by added more and more color you get a muddy brown mess.   Cleaning the muddy brown mess is editing, so it will be left alone.  However, continuing the muddy brown mess.  I apologize for sounding redundant.

One of the best things I’ve read was the Artist’s way by Julia Cameron, I could never do everything she suggested in her book.  But I could do the morning pages and I have several complete books.  Lately, that has not been the case.  The purpose of morning pages is to declutter the mind and prepare the artist to create.  It sounds lofty but it actually works.   Full disclosure this short ramble of essay is declutter.

Now that this is written, and I don’t feel like I am neglecting this blog account.  I can write the words that need to be written.  Go Writer Go!


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