Sunday Post #7

 November is here.  There is Nanowrimo and Thanksgiving Prep.  I made the hard decision to listen to the news this morning and there is more to be concerned about.  Because there are skilled writers and people discussing these issues.  All I will write about it is that I hope people keep themselves safe. 

This week will be full of nanowrimo blitz.  Along with writing my 1600 words a day, I will be attempting to catch livestreams on Youtube and other sites.  The genre I am writing under is a contemporary romance. I’m used to speculative fiction.  Since this month for me will be about romance, many of the essays for this week will be about romance and romance tropes.  Not sure about the word trope but it is better than cliche.  Cliche is defined as overused and a betrayal of original thought.  But sometimes they are expected and when they are not in a story, readers again feel betrayed.  Just looked up tropes and cliches are not the same thing as tropes.  It is possible that tropes are the expectation and cliches are the perfidy. My first draft will have them all.

This all I have to write about the subject today.  I am adding this quote.

Writing is the only thing that, when I do it, I don’t feel I should be doing something else.

-Gloria Steinem 

I encourage everyone that is participating in National Novel Writing Month.  Go Writers Go! I am hoping this week goes well for everyone. 



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