At Least 100 Words #15

Good News everyone!  I feel motivated. Preparing to write in Nanowrimo is as complicated as any new writing project, but also exciting.  There has always been something else going on in October and my decision to participate in Nanowrimo has always been on the fence, until the first day.   My issue is not ideas, I always have ideas.  I also understand that whatever I write in the next 30 days will not be brilliant first copy ready for print. However, it should be cohesive and believable for me.  Revision and editing are the shine up for other people.  I tend to get stuck in connections.  The solution to this is to plot of course.  I admire plotting and yet I miss the flexibility of pantsing.  A result there is a struggle to find the happy medium of both, I haven’t found the golden ratio yet.  But the joy is the journey right?   

The rough plans for November look like this.  The genre for the November story will be a romance and I think the sub-genre will be contemporary.   I have always loved romance stories and even though I have moved on to read other genres, I always look for it as a sub-plot in the books and movies I take in.  The challenge is the sub-genre contemporary.  To explain why this is so, I must add that I am a paranormal, speculative fiction fan and writer.  Most of my stories have a supernatural or fantastical science fiction element to it.   I am aware that paranormal romance is in a decline of sorts it has been going on for years.   Despite that the romance genre is still the best-selling genre.  My definition for contemporary romance is this, no supernatural/preternatural element set in modern times.  It will be daunting for me to develop characters with no extras to them.  But not impossible it was done before when I started writing. I’m giddy about it all.  Stay tuned.


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