Sunday Post #6

The beginning of the new week. I’m amazed that October is in it third week, November is almost here.  There are things out in the world that I have concerns about like everyone else.  There are being covered by smart people with decent writing skills etc.  Wellness tip for the week:  Be confident in your writing.  Which means for me, don’t denigrate your skills and or exaggerate others.  It doesn’t help anyone.  We should all do our best to help our surroundings when we can.  The world is big, one person can’t and shouldn’t have to do it alone. 

It still has not been decided if this is going to be recap or look forward kind of series.  I am taking it as it goes.  This entry is all about the near future.  The accountability post, which will motivate me to be more productive.  I’m annoyed when I don’t fulfill my projects.   There is no excuse, downer days happen, and they don’t just go away with positive thoughts.  It takes energy and action, and that takes time.  

I hope we all have the energy to act on the positive things in our lives and the wisdom to find the solutions to the negative things. 


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