Sunday Post #5

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I have been talking about October approaching, finally it was here, and I paused in my writing for a couple days.   I can’t say what happened.  I didn’t feel blocked or worn out.  I just didn’t have the motivation.  It was a problem that needed to be addressed.  The Sunday Posts and the “at least 100 words” are methods to keep me writing.  One of my many writing goals is to write decent entertaining creative non-fiction.  Many of the AL1W’s were pointless and ended weak.  I apologize for that because it is not what I intended.

Motivation is an internal struggle that many creatives go through.  There is a whole industry on how to get writers writing and publishing.  It has expanded into podcasting and other social media for recognition.  

There are several questions that pass through my mind.  What is your niche?  What unique thing are you bringing to the vast sea of the creative internet?  Is it a new perspective or derivative?   These are the questions that freeze me and I’m sure other writers of more or less success.  It may be a part of imposter syndrome, it could be part of another fear, that ruins the creative mind.  What is also a terrifying is understanding that different techniques are needed to deal with the same questions, same fear.  One of mine is calling them out as a result this essay.  I let you know next week if it is working or not.   It is the hope and plan that dealing with these questions directly will help.  I am also looking into other methods. 

In conclusion, October is here and dealing with distresses feelings may attempt to take over.  Do not give it.  Give yourself time to readjust and then start where you left off if that is not possible, start brand new. 


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