At Least 100 Words #14


I did mention in previous AL1W’s that I collect pictures of mushrooms.  My most favorite are red mushrooms.    The red mushroom is a kind of icon for me equal to the sunflower. It was supposed to be the name of my podcast and the name of the company for social media.  For example, two people discuss pop culture and other topics as we understand it brought to you by The Red Mushroom Productions.  

 It sounds like a good idea, until the work is explained.   People who said they wanted to collaborate, faded away to their own lives.   I was left with a name and possibilities.  I do like possibilities; I am an optimist.  However, I had to make a choice.   

I killed all my other blog accounts, for the JC Henry Universe.  There is only the Universe and the Red Mushroom.  I tend to be neglectful to both.   Since recovery I have not thought about the Red Mushroom productions.   In January, my laptop Sterlinq’s screen broke.  I was devastated.  Being hospitalized changes perspectives.  I got a new laptop; I call it Yin.  Sterlinq is being fixed.  Red Mushroom Productions is not getting the attention it needs to be something.   For now, I am feeding the universe. There are the writing quotes that are put up for purely selfish reasons and then these writing projects.  This month will mostly be about the prep work for Nanowrimo.

In conclusion I have a stack of things to get through. Rolling up my sleeves right now. Enjoy the red mushroom picture.


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