Book Review #6

In 2015, Entertainer Issa Rae wrote in her book Misadventures of Awkward Black Girl. That maybe it would be beneficial for Black women if they dated and married Asian men.

Some people in the black community wanted to criticize her suggestions. Interracial Romance Authors decided to take her suggestion and run with it.  The results are phenomenal.  There are thousands of interracial romance stories featuring Asian men and Black women.  This is just one series; I began reading in 2019 and came back to while I was in the hospital.  I was looking for happy endings and I found some of them here.  These two books are part of a four-book series.  They can be borrowed if you have Kindle unlimited. They are exclusive books sold only by Amazon.

Sweet Sweet Revenge By Nia Arthurs

Joon Gi Kim was once a successful businessman, engaged to a\ beautiful woman Hanna Park and admired by many. An anonymous tip to authorities changed all that. He is arrested and charged with a white-collar crime. The stigma of being a criminal has turned everyone in his social community against him.  He loses his business and fiancée. Down and out, he resorts to offering his business knowledge, to a baker Sky Johnson and her struggling shop Sweet Treat. Sky is a kind-hearted woman, who chooses to see better in people than there actually is.  She hires Joon Gi even though she is sure he is up to something.  Joon Gi vows revenge against those who have wronged him.  He thinks he knows who they are.  Besides a struggling business Sky also has relationship issues that need to be dealt with.

The attraction is evident between these two and during a series of events, love springs up between them.  Joon Gi and Sky’s relationship blossoms and it changes them both.  Sky stands up for herself and Joon Gi puts aside his plans for revenge to help Sky and her shop when she needs it.   Joon Gi’s enemy is revealed and it is a twist.  The story ends with the shop being saved.  Sky and Joon Gi committing to each other.

Sweet Sweet Disaster By Nia Arthurs

Sun Gi Kim is a successful businessman and younger brother of Joon Gi Kim.  He saved the family’s fortune when Joon Gi was arrested and is engaged to his brother’s ex-fiancée, Hanna Park. Ignoring is brother’s advice not to marry a woman he has no feelings for, Sun Gi ignores this and continues with wedding plans.   Sun Gi is attempting to prove something that can’t be done. Joana Lee Gregory is a part-time worker at Sweet Treats and a good friend to Sky Johnson. She is a biracial woman with a Korean mother and a Black father and aspiring-to-be-discovered singer. She prefers to go by the name Jo. She has a crush on Sun Gi since they were introduced in Sweet Sweet Revenge.   However, is quite sure that Sun Gi would never be attracted to her. 

This, of course, is not true.  Sun Gi is seduced by Jo’s beautiful voice when she secretly performs at a nightclub.  He searches for this “Nightingale” only to realize she was always in front of him.  

Jo appears to be confident in herself and life choices however there are cracks like she feels she will never be enough for her Black and Korean families.   She wants to be a vocalist, however getting recognition without a support system is very difficult.

Meanwhile through complicated circumstances Jo leaves her job working with Sky.  There is an introduction of a new character Jewel.  Jo ends up working at a store but soon fate work for her and she gets the job as Sun Gi’s executive assistant.   Their attraction to each other grows but Sun Gi is still engaged to Hanna Park. 

A plot twist occurs that can only be describe as K-drama melodramatic goodness.  Sun Gi and Joon Gi who have been estranged since book one, work out their brother issues.  Hanna and Sun Gi decide not to get married.  Jo and Sun Gi become a couple. 

These two stories were interesting to me for different reasons.  There are some things I liked about it and there are some things I didn’t.  But overall, it was an enjoyable read.  Arthurs left the mean evil ex-girlfriend trope and came up with a plot twist I was not expecting.  Also, the story is set in a part of the world that I never really thought about.  It seems like something strange and completely stupid to write.  Belize as the setting for the story was different than what I am used to in romance stories.  Usually in these stories set in not the United States or Canada, the main female character is visiting, the new wonderful tropical land. Full disclosure at the time I read these books it had been a couple of years since I’ve read a contemporary romance with no supernatural or speculative fiction element to it.  The world building felt normal.  I believe that was something I needed because my real world was very uncertain.  I would recommend this book to anyone who wants to have a pleasant read. 


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