At Least a 100 words #10

One of the plans I made to increase my writing productivity was to make a schedule for the day and then writing schedule for the next month, what should be posted when.   It changes with delays.  I didn’t think about the time it would take for me to write something I am comfortable posting.  Every writer has faced this problem, when is done … done.   This is a quality issue.   My goal is to eventually write quality essays, that satisfies the reader.  It is what I expect as reader.  I found myself falling down rabbit holes of not knowing enough to complete anything.  This short essay is to be posted as is without hindering thoughts.   It is meant to be hot off the presses, correction made later, if necessary.  Yet, I take days to complete an essay to my satisfaction.  I want my words to be understood, invoke a feeling and please some people.   I also want these essays to be a short read.   I saw somewhere that a standard blog post is 500 words.   At Least 100 words range goal is 100-300 words.  I don’t think there is a post that is just 100 words. 

These are the thoughts going through my head while I am attempting to compile an efficient writing schedule.   While I am thinking thoughts, time is being lost to inaction.   This essay is closing on the possibilities of the week ahead. 

The time is always now.” -Erica Jong


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