Sunday Post #3

Yes, I am giving myself another challenge. Since I can’t title a damn thing, you my dear few brave readers get the generic title of Sunday Post. When I was a kid, getting the Sunday Newspaper was one of better things in life. It had the TV guide and Funnies, comics in color. There were also coupons, but that was for the adults. As I got older, I took an interests in the crosswords and other puzzles.  However, as time went on, I became aware of romance novels, crosswords and gaining the knowledge to answer them became a secondary possibly tertiary hobby.  I read a lot of books and then I decided to be a writer.

My earliest novels were about Princess twins, one being abandoned by her parents or guardians and raised like a boy, the other twin would be raised as girl and a princess, she would be sometimes spoiled.  The main male character would be betrothed to the wrong sister.  And there would be a switch, one sister would have to act like the other.   I remember I was big fan of the Prince and the Pauper story.   The working title was called Epic something. 

The other was a High school drama, each character named after or named by friends at the time.  It was similar to Francine Pascal’s Sweet Valley High.   I can’t remember the characters or the story; I would have to go digging in the basement for them.  I might not find it.  Because it is highly possibly that the story was read prematurely by an inconsiderate relative and destroyed the story for me.   That was around the time I thought I would give up writing and become a lawyer. 

I started writing again some months later.  I also guarded my work seriously.   It took me a long time to share my work with people again.  Eventually I did and now I share most of my random thoughts with you all. 

My plans for this week are to post more that just the QfW’s which I love but I keep writing that I am writer.   I need to write more and write less about not writing.  Goals for the week.


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