At Least 100 Words #8

Remember when I wrote I dislike the color orange.  Well there were other colors as well, but this is not a post about that.  This short essay is going to also hold another fun useless fact, not only does the month of August have two flowers, they also have three birth gems.  Peridot which is a light green gem and made extra famous by Steven Universe second tier gems.   The other gem for August is Sardonyx, I know was also a character of Steven Universe but a fusion of Garnet and Pearl.  I had an aversion to sardonyx because it was orange.  I had no idea that a sardonyx gems could be another color, or that it was just onyx with an added mineral or something.  It is probably true for many gems; they have a most used color and then there is the odd or off-color.  We have all heard of yellow and chocolate diamonds. All the sardonyx I saw were orange and at the time I was totally against it.   To be honest I wasn’t happy with peridot either, light green, was not my favorite color. It just proved to me that August was a poor month to be born.  I will elaborate on that on another post.  Green was better than orange in my young person opinion.  I got used to peridot.  Then sometime in my mid-20’s or 30’s I saw this necklace

Made famous by the Taiwanese Drama Meteor Garden.  The design was part of the show.  In the show the Jerry Yan character gave it to the Barbie Hsu character.  The star in the center was a diamond.   It was later promoted to have any birthstone, on a website. I can’t remember and I don’t know if they still offer it.  This design made me like my birthstone.  I have posted this picture in other blogs for various reasons. Don’t sue me. I can only look at pictures of jewelry.

Brief research has also shocked me to find that Spinel is also considered an August gem.   Made famous from the Steven Universe movie, the misused gem owned by Pink Diamond.  I would love to know who decides these things. However, I’m lazy and need to work on what is more important. It is possible in the future I might dig deeper for a character or something. But not now. I don’t love or hate spinel. It is nice looking gem. It is the same for sardonyx. There used to be a type of journal book with gemstone covers, hardcovers. I used to love those kinds of books and I had a nice-looking blue stone book and a green stone book I lost. I would buy a sardonyx book if they were still being sold.  Alas I won’t be doing a deep dive search for them anytime soon. 

The point of this ramble is that I learned that I changed my mind on a lot of things as I got older.  I will be completely honest I am slow at accepting everything orange, but I do own a nice pair of capris and many orange bandanas.  I still give away my orange highlighters to anyone who will use it more.  Eventually that will change.  I know it. It has happened with other colors.  It is a part of life, gaining wisdom and sometimes losing stupid. 


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