At Least 100 Words #7

Fun useless fact, gladiolas are flowers for August. I didn’t know that read somewhere that the flower for the month of August were marigolds. Which was upsetting because I used to hate the color orange. But that is a discussion for another post, possibly #8, stay tuned.

The other flower for August is the poppy. I like poppies. The poppy vivid red color makes it an artists’ muse.  It represents bold and daring, aspects I yearn to be sometimes.  Aspects I have little off.   I’m sure gladiolas get the same amount of artwork; their colors are vibrant and varied.  I don’t know if poppies have other colors besides red.  But gladiolas have the red, the bluish purple, light pink varieties, peach, white, etc.   My mom planted some in the front yard and they come out every spring. 

This has become a topic for discussion because I like to post a picture with every essay.  The theme is my birthday on Friday, and I’m astounded by all the things I’m learning on brief google checks.   This essay should have been posted on Sunday, but I had the birthday blues last week, so it was impossible to write.  I got somethings done but not everything I boasted on the previous Sunday.     Deep sigh emoji.  

I think in my last post I claimed 50/50.  That is the story I am sticking to.   Not much has changed in the plans as far as writing goes.  I have at least 2 reviews to complete.  I have a scene to complete.  I have characters to continue developing.  I spoke about GMC’s and plausible believable wants, desires and what they really need.   I am also thinking about posting some short fiction on the Universe blog.  It is the reason this blog became the Universe.  It is the place where I put everything.   I am wondering why Sundays can feel different from Mondays.  Sundays can feel like a new week of possibility, but Monday can feel like the first day of the rest of the week.  The only way to get over it is through.  I am trying to get myself out of that mindset.  I am attempting to trick myself in believing that everyday is a possibility.  The best day to start is Today.  I think that is quote and I don’t know by who and I haven’t looked into the QFW’s.  I may have posted it.   I am hoping that this week is productive.  I am hoping that this week is better than last week, for everyone.   We still live in the world of uncertainty. 

For those who leave a like thank you.  You can also leave a comment as well.   I hope you all have a decent, peaceful safe week. 


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