At Least 100 Words #6

In about 2 weeks, or less it will be my birthday. I am 100% grateful to be alive. 3 months ago, I was suffering from Covid-19 and pneumonia. I was in the hospital. I was released with oxygen. Healing is a work in progress. There was a time I did not expect to get better. Here I am writing and posting for this blog.  

The initial personal challenge was to post every day with this title so I can improve with writing.   Forgive this sentence is for word count purposes only.  The goal of ‘At Least 100 Words’.  This method has helped me in the past.  We all know the saying, “If it at broke … …”

This mid-week post, I would’ve like to report more activity and met goals.  It more like a 50/50 deal.  There was a decent quote for Tuesday and this post.  I don’t know what tomorrow will bring beside a decent quote, theme on health maybe because that is important.   If people were more aware of health for themselves and others, we might not be in problems we have now.   Attempting for this essay to not be a downer.  I am attempting to stay in the positive.  Is it working? I refuse to berate myself on not meeting all the goals because I do that too much. It is a weapon for the writing fears. Thanks to all the how-to books that talk about writer’s fear and writer’s block. I believe are aspects that delay creators.

I don’t plan much for my birthday except to enjoy the day as best I can. I don’t know what will be happening. I might meet with family online or something. I should have Quotes for writers set up until October. However I am concerned will they be relevant that time of the year.  That other saying we all should know by now, ‘Hope for the best; Prepare for the worst.’


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