At Least 100 words # 5

The beginning of the week is full of possibilities and opportunities.  At least that is what I like to think.  Despite the horrible human behavior and natural disasters in the world.  I am still optimistic enough that I like to believe that Sunday, the first day of the week, can be the start of something great.

I am looking to join another writing community.  In my search, I came across accountable Thursday, the idea is to write out the plans for the next week, then post it.  The people in the group will help you maintain consistency and keep you the lazy, procrastinating, fearful writer accountable to the work you have dedicated yourself to do.   I like accountable Thursday, but I have not written out my plans.  I owe the JC Henry Universe blog, two inspirational or health/wellness quotes for the week and 3 post essays of 100 words or more.  There are reviews, for romance book series, because that is what I’m into right now, and at least 2 anime reviews both are classics or new classics, in draft form.   I have the makings that could keep this blog happy for the next couple of months and a half.  It I stick to my plans – write, edit, revise and post the content for the blog. Then the Universe will be happy.

There is also my creative fiction, the writing projects. I have started and put on hiatus many writing projects. I have decided that by my birthday I will have complete the story I started in Camp Nanowrimo. I am not happy with the working title so I will just call it WIP #2020 her. The other writing project is in development stage. I am learning the characters and it is a romance. In the romance establishing the characters might seem simple. However, since I want these characters to have believable wants and desires, I have to think about what I want for them. Sometimes wants and desires are easy, it is the needs, what they really really need, that can stump me.   It can’t only the be the love of suitable pleasing-to-the-eye partner, it can be that and something else.  I like to read stories with that outcome better than the other.  I am giving myself a little over a month to complete the development stages and that is estimated for mid-September.  So, there it is my Sisyphus boulder, that I carry them always with me, in my mind and sometimes get them done.  But eventually they roll down the bottom of the hill.  When I am reading trash stories or watching dramas and anime, these are the things I should be doing.

Huh, without realizing it, I’ve made Sunday and accountable Sunday.


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