At Least 100 Words #4

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Falling behind in writing is easy.  It is something that happens with many procrastinators like myself.   It is one of the many reasons I have yet to win a nanowrimo.  It is one of the many reasons, I don’t have a book out.  The path goes like this fall behind, lose focus, delay starting again, then give up.   Apologize to self and possible readers, then start again on new project.    I wrote in a previous post that I will be writing “At Least 100 words” and post them every day.  I didn’t add that the exceptions will be the weekends.  I didn’t consider my other writing projects. 

 Strange enough I estimate I write at least 500 new words a day, in various places not meant for readers.   These words are usually in my morning page journal.   Every writer has one, sometimes we call them different names, but we all need the brain dump.  To clear our minds before creating readable fiction or non-fiction.  Mine is a Baron Fig hardcover notebook.  Last years book was dark gray, this year’s book is light gray.  It is dotted instead of lined.   I never thought I could write words on a dot grid page, but I find that it is easier than the lined book, sometimes.  Bad penmanship is a peeve of mine.  However, it has to happened sometimes like brain dumps, so the good penmanship and writing can follow.   The pages of the notebook are really nice, I bleed-through proofed or something. I am not getting anything from Baron Fig except the notebooks, planner and bag I paid for. There are other decent quality notebooks in the world, my kid likes moleskin and there is Leuchtturm 1917, Rhoda and others that can work for anyone’s journal/writing/planning needs. Some even cost under $20.00. The brands mentioned above are $20.00 above depending on size. It all depends on what you are willing to spend for yourself. All the books have pros and cons, I use BF and will use it as long as I can but there are things I wish they would add to product, like two ribbons in planner, and pockets at the end of book.

“At Least 100 Words” need to have some reason to be posted besides the random thoughts of an unpublished writer.  I am willing to take suggestions from anyone place them in the comment, below.


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