At Least 100 words #3

Today is going to be an answer to a blog prompt, borrowed from Life of Lovely by Elizabeth McNair.

What do you want less of?

I never thought blog prompts to be difficult.  I found LOL monthly pages of the blog prompts on Pinterest and I believed they would be helpful for the blog and my writing about two years ago.  Some prompts were answered and posted on previous blogs and some were written in my morning pages books.  

This question kind of has me thinking what am I getting in excess?  This entry is being writing on Thursday with plans of being posted on Friday.  The weather is hot but nothing out of the ordinary for Summer in New York City.  

The world outside my home is a hodge-podge of things I am not paying attention to.  I am one person and I want my day to be smooth.  I can’ say that when I spend 30 or so minutes catching up with the state of the world.   It messes up my day and today I want to be selfish.

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There is nothing on this day and most likely on Friday that I want less of.  The things that annoy or unsettle my state of mind, I do my best to avoid.  It is a form of cowardice I should be ashamed of.  Not happening today.  I am annoyed a little that I don’t have a profound and deep answer to this question.  It is possible if I look at the question in a different context it would make sense.  I want less people hating each other for superficial aspects.  I want less homeless, hungry people around the world.  I want less uncertainty on what the day is going to bring. 

I want less dystopian, apocalypse science fiction book to stop proving themselves right.  

These are all wants that can’t really be changed by myself.  In my personal life, I am still at a loss.  Even when I want the answers to be simple. 


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