At Least 100 words #2

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Starting this challenge is difficult. I had an idea to randomly expound on but then decided to get some facts. My desire to inform and educate is working against me. I had stated in previous post that I like to write objectively instead of subjective. However, most of my post are subjective. It is mostly about me and what I’m doing, thinking etc. Well I’m fascinating and you would know that if you read any of my blogs.

When I made the bold statement to write and post at least 100 words on the JCH Universe. I didn’t think about how and what I would be writing about. So,

I got stuck. This second idea for this post was supposed to be on writing prompts. Tried and true method to tap into a writer’s flow.  I searched far and wide for one that felt would be good for the next 100 words.  I soon realized that like almost everything else in the world, there are good prompts and less good prompts.  Which means it is a tomato/tomaato type thing.  I have borrowed and collected prompts from all over the internet.  Some of these entries will be prompts and everyone will get their props.  Because I am not a thief.   

Hopefully I would develop better skills with this project.


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