At Least 100 Words #1

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This is the result of essay #7. Writing and posting at least 100 words or more is a practice to use habit to spark inspiration. For the next several posts like this I will be reminding myself and you that about this challenge. I am a writer who does not write. I was seriously ill and hospitalized for the last 3 months, with the corona-virus and pneumonia. The fact that corona-virus is on the rise, mutating and airborne is a special fear that haunts me. Living with uncertainty is a terrible for many people and still we survive.

I normally have a quote that may resonate with my first paragraph at least. I don’t have one. I haven’t been looking at quotes for a few weeks. I have at least two days to find the quotes I want for next week. I think they should be overall themed but not feeling it yet. I think of myself as a borderline insomniac. My definition is that I can sleep, when I do sleep, and it is really easy to be up all night. Especially when I am doing something  I like. I was reading some guilty pleasure books. Which is embarrassing because I did tell myself I would start reading more edifying books.   As time moves on, sometimes I get that feeling that I am getting dumb.  It is partly my fault I do actively ignore current events and the state of world whenever I can.   Having the knowledge that the government in power has no concern for the people, they claim to respect and protect, is off putting at best, disastrous at worst.  It is another horrifying fear, that must be dealt with daily. 

I wish I could write this more eloquently on this topic, but I believe that there are many people on the internet doing just that.  I can only comment on how it is affecting me, personally.  I don’t consider other alternatives and therefore I manage. 

I don’t remember if I wrote it in essay #7 or not but I signed in for Camp Nanowrimo.  I borrowed the banner from the website.  It is the third week. I want to be positive about my writing, but it is difficult.  In the past, I would be more upset with my process.  I have a conflict issue in the story. It is hindering the narrative.  I should probably leave it alone and move to another section of the story, but I keep poking at it and coming up with nothing.  The experts I have listened to or read in the past are shaking their heads at my stubbornness.  My goal for camp was 30,000 words.  The story is supposed to be part of an anthology I want to put together.   I’m afraid it is possible the story is under-developed.  

This is one of my many writing dilemmas.    If anyone has any suggestions, feel free to leave a comment.

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