Essay #6

lioness standingAt the beginning of 2020, I wanted to be optimistic about the new year.  I was faking it until I made it.  I made plans and expressed vocally the positive changes I was making to my life that should benefit in the future.  I listened to podcasts and watched YouTube videos that were resolution pro and resolution con.  I agreed and disagreed with all of them.   I don’t think I made a resolution.  There were things in my life that needed to be addressed and I was working on that.

Posting weekly or bi-weekly on this blog is always something I wanted to do.  Having and keeping a decent writing habit as well as producing content on other projects were in development since last year.   There were complications.

I was always aware that my life felt like a roller coaster.  There were days when things were up and days when things are down.  There are reasons for it, but that is a different kind of blog essay.   The point of this essay is me attempting to work on what exactly should be happening in the future for this blog. -BlackPrincess

I called this blog, the JC Henry Universe because the plan was to place all my writing here.  The fiction and creative non-fiction, reviews, etc.  In the past starting and maintaining a blog was a path to success for a writer.   I am not sure if that is the case anymore.  There are blogs and podcasts everywhere, gaining success that equals to notability or monetization are dreams of so many myself included.   FYI, I have been attempting to develop a podcast for at least 2 years.  I will write about that in another essay.   Every creative person I know and the millions I don’t know has a website or blog, they chip out a place for themselves on social media.  The Twitter account of JC Henry Universe is affiliated with is JCfabulous and jc_henry_universe on Instagram and JC Henry on Facebook of course.

This blog has not gotten a decent essay from yours truly for nearly two months.  I posted quotes for writers because those quotes reminded me of the person I wanted to be.  Despite writing for nearly 25 years I am still an amateur.    It is so easy to fall into a rut and give up.

This essay is about how not to give up.

I am rare, and there is value in all rarity; therefore, I am valuable

-Og Mandino

This quote has helped me get out of many of rut in my life.  It aided me in looking into other places to find people, similar to my situation as a writer and beyond.  Because of them and it, I have been able to catch myself when I am falling and for this time, in particular, pull myself out, cause I fell in.   I have no idea who Og Mandino is and I have decided I don’t want to know.  In the past, inspirational, motivational words had been attributed to people with awful personalities or behaviors.  I don’t want what I feel about the words to be tainted because of the person.    I want to continue the mystery of the personal.  Too many times we, the audience, the public, demand more from the celebrity than we should get.  Then we want to judge them if they seriously guard their privacy or judge them when they don’t.

egyptian blue lotus

Again, this is an essay on how not to give up on a Blog.  I can honestly say I have not given up on writing.  I write most days.  A lot of it is not for the public.  I feel for the words that are for the public.  The stories that are trapped in my head.  This would be the part where I write what will be happening for the next week or month.  I’m not because I’m tired of breaking promises to this blog.   The best I can come up with is that my goal for the end of this week is to finish the open essays I couldn’t finish in December 2019.

In conclusion, I have not made it.  I am still making it.


Sunflower 100

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