The Ramble #4

I have attempted to write about my trip to Miami Florida, for at least two days.   Each attempt has failed due to other factors,  one there is a problem with my mouse.  So, no well-sized pictures on this entry.  The environment was not conducive to writing.  Too many other things to focus on.   Although sometimes I did get some new words in a story.  It’s still not as effective.   Writers write and even though most of what is produced is not usable they still write.  I tend to get a little fatigued until I get the words I need on paper or document files.    But that is not as important as the trip.

I was a masquerader in the Miami Carnival, jumping with Dingolay Mas and Perfect Mixture Mas.  It was my very first time, however, I have cousins who have been doing it for years.  In fact, my costume was designed by Perfect Mixture Mas, which full disclosure is my cousin.   The whole event is somewhat indescribable.  There are the Jouvert event, October 12th, and the parade October 13th.   If the correct price has been paid for there is food, liquor, and loud music, provided by the band.  Dancing done by all.    Or you can go solo, however some things you won’t be allowed to be a part of. I’m sure there is cultural significance to everything done, but I was never exposed to it.   My family came to these United States, to better their lives.  They worked, went to church, got married had kids, went to church, bought a house worked some more.  The sheer wildness of the carnival was not an option for them.   I remember them taking me to see the parade, I was a kid and was more interested in the offered candy and other treats.  The costumes were nice too.  I never thought about all the work that goes into creating them.   That changes two years ago when I offered my office skills to my cousin.  It has been really worth it, I like helping creative people be creative.  I expect magnificent designs in the future and I plan to talk about them more often.   Describing the luscious, sexy designs for women of all sizes is important.


The weather has been great in Hollywood, where we are renting a house.   Palm trees and sun not too far from the beach.   Beach on a workday is the best place to be, mainly because everyone else is at school or work.  Even in retirement-Ville Florida.  This is my last night here.  Tomorrow I will be on a plane going back to NYC.   I heard it has been a lot of rain.  I have issues with USPS, I requested they hold the mail and they didn’t.  They are truly annoying.  Something to deal with once I get back to my real life.

I spent 7 days someplace else and I am quite happy about it.   Next year if I can make the trip again.  I will definitely go see the sunrise on the beach.

Another real-life issue is the NaNoWriMo prep that I have been avoiding.  National Novel Writing Month or NaNoWriMo, begins on November 1st, 2019.  Every writing blog, podcast or youtube channel will have mentioned it at least once.   They do a better job than I do.  The basics are to write 50,000 words in 30 days, that means 1,667 or 1,666 words a day.  Many people have participated and some have completed novels that were sold.  Some did not complete and still later completed their novels, that got published.  For better details, look at   I have a story that I only work on during NaNoWriMo, they call people like me a Rebel.  I have never won Nanowrimo.   I haven’t participated every year.  However, since 2017 I’ve been in.  Success looks different for everyone. I will write about this at a later date.

As stated earlier, this is my last night, in Florida.  I am hoping to post this before midnight.  Therefore I am closing here.  I have three points I think.

  1. Take vacations when you can.
  2. Try something new when the opt
  3. Nanowrimo prep should not be avoided.


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