Hot Take Review#1

Sapphire Flames

By Ilona Andrews
Narrator Emily Rankin
August 27, 2019IA Sapphire Flames

This is the fourth book in the Hidden Legacy series.  I like to call it Hidden Legacy series 2.  The main character is  Catalina Baylor.  She is the head of her house and for the time being the head of Baylor Investigations Agency.  She is hired by a friend Rhona to solve the murder of her mother and sister.  Mayhem ensues, putting Catalina and her family life at risk.  Alessandro Sagredo, the international playboy and  Catalina’s teenage crush comes back into her life, with abilities and secrets of his own to unravel.

The world of the Hidden Legacy is complicated, modern and feudal at the same time.   Magic is real, due to a scientific breakthrough in the past.  It changed the modern world as we know it.   Magic is a mitigating factor in many people lives, marriages, alliances and business great and small hang in the balance.  It is fascinating to see how the world itself is developing.

I liked this book.  Catalina is an interesting and different character than her sister Nevada Baylor and similar as well.  She loves her family and takes the responsibility of them and the family business seriously.   Her personality is more constrained than Nevada’s for reasons explained in the series.  I commend the authors for getting a new and different narrator for the audiobook.  Emily Rankin does a beautiful, job telling the story through Catalina’s POV.  Alessandro Sagredo is a dangerously handsome and already sprung on Catalina. He has international prestige, a scion from an old house, a famous for just being born.  He does not have the crazy world end vibe of Connor “Mad” Rogan, the hero of the previous books, Sagredo is still deadly.  Which means he more than just a pretty face.

Before I conclude on this brief review of the book,  I want to add that Sapphire Flames can be read as a stand-alone book.  There are references made to previous stories but nothing overdone.  It can become tedious to audiences/readers familiar with the series.  

There is so much going on with this book, that I may do an in-depth review at a later time.   I will definitely have to post or repost the review done on the first three Hidden Legacy books. Stay tuned.


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