Sunday Post #2

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The beginning of this week will be different from most of them.  I am not at home in New York.  I’m in Georgia to attend a wedding.  Yay!  I am happy for the couple but ready for everything to be over already.  It is a kind of selfish on my part however these are my feelings.  This event changed what my summer would be looking like.  This may not have been stated before,  the day job is a patient care assistant gig.   I was hired directly by the family so the official title is a personal assistant.   Instead of hours of patient care,  I worked a block time to be off for seven days. When I go home I will work another block of time to relieve the colleague, who is taking care of the patient since I’ve been away. I will be a wreck.  Traveling takes energy,  preparing for a wedding takes energy, as well as taking care of a patient takes energy.  Being creative also takes energy.  Is my dilemma making sense?

In times like these, I catch up on interesting and entertaining movies, tv shows, listen to inspirational books, fantastic stories, informative podcasts, and music.  I keep in mind that time to be creative will come again.  Sometimes the mind is willing but the body can’t and vice versa. I make plans, consider writing reviews on what I am taking in, make notes.  It is difficult to remember but I do my best.  I would like to think that it would be better if there was some kind of achievement completed. This is a complicated thought because I won’t know until I do it.  I still feel the time is against me and some times the people in my life are against me too.

I get over this by writing.  I handle the negative feelings by posting them on this blog.  I apologize for sharing or oversharing.  I want this blog to be an upbeat account of a writer’s life.  But nothing is ever upbeat all the time.  There are downer days, weeks, months.  I’m grateful that I haven’t had a downer month is a couple of years.   I realized the triggers and  I work on them.  It doesn’t always show up on this blog.  What is important is that they happen.

It has been decided that this entry will be a short one. Mainly because there is a wedding to attend.    If possible there will be another entry this week.  There will definitely be an entry next week.  Until then I hope everyone has a good productive week.






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