A Sideways Introduction

Always do your best. What you plant now, you will harvest later.

-Og Mandino 

This is the second attempt to get this blog up and running like a decent blog found in the worldwide web.  There were no ideas coming to this writer, nothing inspired her to write on the blog, she was scrambling in her other writing projects.  Knocked off the productivity wagon after making big promises of change.    It was disappointing.  The point of a public blog is to have interesting work, thrown into the sea of the internet and have it picked to the adoration of millions.   The JC Henry Universe blog is supposed to be about Writing, Life, and Everything that intersects. There are secondary and tertiary reasons however they have to be written at a later.  The writer is well aware that the four blog essays posted are all uncategorized.  2017 and the beginning of 2018 have been that kind of year, progress followed by setbacks.


In the month of January, the 31-day blog challenge was posted and then nothing was written.  Other blog writing prompts were collected, the Life of Lovely monthly writing prompts are interesting.  The idea of writing to the writing prompts once thought to help this writer began to hinder the thought processes.  The writer froze on the idea of perfect copy or the lack of perfect copy and what to do if a day was missed.  Was it breaking the rules of the challenge?  Just like that before it was even in an effective result, consistency was lost.


It took the whole month of February to get out of that slump.   One of the best ways to get of a slump, rut or setback is to continue working, the writer was not posting things online, but she was eking a paragraph or two to move her stories further.   Eventually, the wheel stopped churning another method was needed to keep the creativity going.    Since this is the first day of March and it has 31 days.  The writer has decided to briefly answer one of the 31-day-challenge this is…

A sideways introduction

JC Henry is a writer, who lives in New York City.  She has one child (who is actually a young adult) and three cats.  She has been writing for many years.  This blog lovingly called the Universe is not her only blog.  There is the Joexperimentblog.com {the Joex}, on this blog, there are reviews on books, movies, etc. and the 100daysprojectvi.blogspot.com which focuses on health and well-being, but that is on hiatus.  For many years, JC Henry split her focus on at least five different blogs and her fictional stories.  They were so easy to start and hard to let go.  She has been consolidating slowly.  She likes reading but has fell into the audiobook trap and prefers to readalongs, when they are affordable.   That is another blog essay for later.  She likes to write all kinds of fiction but concentrates on speculative fiction.  There is also a podcast in development that will focus on the writing and the writing business.  It is a vast undertaking gathering the useful information and translating it to something intriguing, to speak much less listen too.    JC Henry also like quotes, the more motivational the better.  She has not been a fan of first-person POV, however, likes them in audiobooks.  She prefers to write in third-person limited.  POV’s for those who may not know is point of view.


As stated an earlier paragraph, the Universe was created to write about writing and creative endeavors.  The next thing JC Henry will be working is second blog post entry.  The goal for March is to be consistent.  It is Woman’s History Month, something should be added.  This is where consistency may help.   The writer has yet to write a satisfactory conclusion to any blog essay.  Feel free to leave a comment, like or dislike.






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